Chinook Fund Dinner Takes a Pandemic Pause

The Chinook Fund Advisory Committee has made the difficult decision to not host any events in 2020.  The COVID-19 pandemic is causing too much uncertainty for us to proceed with planning one or more events this year.

Although we considered different options that might satisfy public health requirements, none seemed appropriate for us. We consistently hear from you that your favorite part of every Chinook Fund event is the opportunity to socialize with long-time and new friends.  This year, none of the event options would make for a very congenial event.  A series of small outdoor gatherings of no more than ten masked socially-distanced donors at a time might prevent transmission of the virus… but it doesn’t sound like fun.  And though Zoom meetings were new and exciting in April, we’ve all grown a bit tired of them as well.

While we take a pause on hosting events, organizations in our local LGBTQ community may be particularly vulnerable this year, which is why the pause on events should not equate to a pause in building the fund for today and the future.