It’s Official! The Chinook Fund had its Most Successful Year. Thank you!

We are happy to report that The Chinook Fund had it’s best year ever, despite the current economic difficulties. Thanks to all our supporters, old and new, for coming through for us in 2016!

Chinook Fund Dinner Report

On October 19th we held our Chinook Fund Dinner, at the Nash Restaurant in Inglewood. About 100 supporters and sponsors enjoyed a great dinner and drinks.  The fund increased was just under $60,000. The total fund balance is now $322,500.  100% of the money raised goes into the fund!

At the dinner our grants were announced. This years recipients were;

  • Calgary Outlink to provide seed money for a new program that will assist LGBT seniors by providing such things as support and companionship in seniors accomodation;
  • Calgary Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs to fund ongoing staff training initiatives so they can better address the needs of LGBT youth in crisis;
  • Theatre Outre & Theatre Basement to fund putting on an important play on the topic of historical LGBT discrimination.

We were also thrilled to present the Chinook Hero Awards for 2017 to Nancy Miller and Richard Gregory. Both have volunteered for many many years in our community, starting in the 1980s. They are both leaders in fighting discrimination. To name just 2 of their accomplishments, they were organizers of the CLAGPEG political action committee and organized the first Calgary Pride Parades.

Check out this link where you can read about our event in this Calgary Herald article:

Chinook Fund Sponsors

We owe a big thanks to our generous sponsors. These sponsors cover the entire cost of the Chinook Fund Dinner, which of course results in 100% of all donations going directly into our fund which is then invested for us by the Calgary Foundation.

Please note and thank our sponsors. They are:


Want to Help Us Even More?

There are many ways to help out our fund.

First of all we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we might improve on what we are doing and therefore increase the value of the fund.

We also welcome your networking for us by talking us up in your social circles and providing us with introductions and contacts of people that might be interested in helping. Feel free to email us a contact.

While none of us wants to spend too much time contemplating our own mortality, it would be fantastic if you decided to benefit the community by leaving the ‘Chinook Lesbian & Gay Fund’ a legacy or bequest in your will.

Another somewhat ‘painless’ way to give is through the United Way campaign. If you specify that you want your donation to go to ‘the Calgary Foundation for the Calgary Lesbian & Gay Fund’, that is where the money will go.

Even better if your company matches employee donations.

Warmest regards.

The Chinook Lesbian & Gay Fund Steering Committee

Chris Post, Gary Courtney, Michel Borque, Amy Skinner, Jason Hamilton, Kelly Ernst, Gordon Sombrowski, & Troy Mayes