The Chinook Hero Award

The Chinook Hero Award gives thanks and recognition to a member or group in the LGBTQ+ community (including allies) who has or have helped improve the LGBTQ+ community.


Anyone may nominate a candidate, by sending a note about the nominee and their accomplishment(s) to info@calgarychinookfund.ca.  Nominees may receive an award in any year after nomination.  The advisory committee also nominates candidates.


Any person or group who has spent a number of years attempting to better the community for LGBTQ+ people in Alberta and/or has achieved a significant accomplishment or accomplishments is qualified.

About the Award

The Hero Award is given to one person or group per year.  There is no financial award.  A person can receive the award only once.


The award is given at the Chinook Fund Dinner and announced on this website.

Original Glass Trophy by Philip Bandura

We thank the artist of the award, Philip Bandura.

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