About the Calgary Chinook Fund

The Calgary Chinook Fund was established in 2001 by a group of donors to assist in the funding of groups involved in LGBTQ+  issues, education and support in the Calgary area.

The group established the Chinook Lesbian and Gay Fund to raise  money that would be invested by the Calgary Foundation, with the income earned on the fund being given away each year as grants. The fund would therefore spin off grants forever, with the grants increasing as the fund (and income on it) grew.

The purpose of the organization is to support and build the LGBTQ+ Community in Calgary.

In 2022 the formal name with the Calgary Foundation was changed to Chinook Fund for Gender and Sexual Diversity to better represent our community.

The Advisory Committee

The Calgary Chinook Fund members act as the advisory committee and fundraising body. It’s members are from Calgary’s LGBTQ+ Community. All committee members are donors to the fund. The Advisory Committee decides on the annual allocation of fund recipients.


  • Gordon Sombrowski


  • Chris Post
  • Dave Emond
  • Bryan Clarke
  • Tyson Bilton

Thank you to our Past Committee Members

  • Brian Clark
  • Michel Bourque
  • Tony Hailu
  • Jason Hamilton
  • Gary Courtney
  • Jane Durango
  • Gael MacLeod
  • Susan Cress
  • Pam Krause
  • Martin Harvey
  • Kelly Ernst
  • Amy Skinner
  • Troy Mayes
  • Kevin Allen

Thank you to the many donors and volunteers.


About the Fund

To see our procedural rules and terms of reference, click on the links




2 Replies to “About the Calgary Chinook Fund”

  1. Is this a registered charity? Also if I donate will you issue a chitable receipt? And not ever contact me

  2. Hi Tom – We are an endowment with the Calgary Foundation, who is a registered charity. Receipts for donations to the Chinook Fund are therefore issued by the Calgary Foundation. Thanks.

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