Risk-Free Philanthropy

COVID-19 has changed everything, including how we will fund raise for the Chinook Fund this year.  Watch for a campaign that does not expose anyone to the virus in the Fall, when we normally host the dinner, in an effort to continue to build our endowment.

We are extremely grateful to TD Canada Trust for their continued support of the Fund.  We are in the last year of our three-year sponsorship agreement with TD and, despite the fact that we will not be hosting any events this year, TD is honoring their commitment to the fund and the monies that would ordinarily defray the costs of our events will be donated to the Fund directly.

Our ask is that we follow TD’s lead and still give like there is a tomorrow.  Details to come.

Chinook Fund Dinner Takes a Pandemic Pause

The Chinook Fund Advisory Committee has made the difficult decision to not host any events in 2020.  The COVID-19 pandemic is causing too much uncertainty for us to proceed with planning one or more events this year.

Although we considered different options that might satisfy public health requirements, none seemed appropriate for us. We consistently hear from you that your favorite part of every Chinook Fund event is the opportunity to socialize with long-time and new friends.  This year, none of the event options would make for a very congenial event.  A series of small outdoor gatherings of no more than ten masked socially-distanced donors at a time might prevent transmission of the virus… but it doesn’t sound like fun.  And though Zoom meetings were new and exciting in April, we’ve all grown a bit tired of them as well.

While we take a pause on hosting events, organizations in our local LGBTQ community may be particularly vulnerable this year, which is why the pause on events should not equate to a pause in building the fund for today and the future.

2019 Chinook Fund Dinner Report

The 2019 Chinook Fund Dinner was held on October 24, 2019 at Skyline in Kensington.  It was by all accounts another great success!

Together we raised over $50,000 for our community, all of which was added to our endowment at the Calgary Foundation.

The 2019 Chinook fund Grant recipients were  End of the Rainbow FoundationCalgary Outlink, Alberta Playwrights YouthRIOT and Calgary Queer Arts Society’s Queeryly Festival Dinner.

William (Bill) Wuttunee was the 2019 Chinook Fund Hero. The award was given to Mr. Wuttunee posthumously in the presence of family and friends.

Thanks to our sponsors TD, Bee Kingdom Glass, the Hyatt Calgary, Rubiyat and Summer Love Vodka.


2018 Chinook Fund Dinner Report

The 2018 Chinook Fund Dinner was held on October 25th at Hy’s Steak House & Cocktail Bar. The dinner was sold out with about 110 attendees!

Over $59,000 was raised, which was contributed to the Chinook Endowment Fund, managed by the Calgary Foundation. As at July 2019, the fund balance is $495,000. Thank You to our ongoing generous supporters and donors.

A 2018 Chinook Fund grants was given to YWCA’s DBT Skills Group assisting with counselling and programming for LGBTQ+ youth. A second grant went to the Calgary Queer Arts Society to help fund its LGBTQ2S+ Health & Wellness Conference.

The 2018 Hero Award was given to Steve Polyak and Gay Calgary Magazine for 26 years of work recording LGBTQ+ history and support of community.

Thanks to our sponsors TD, Hy’s Steak House & Cocktail Bar, and Bee Kingdom Glass.

2017 Chinook Fund Dinner Report

The 2017 Chinook Fund Dinner was held on October 26th at WORKSHOP Kitchen and Culture. The dinner was sold out with about 100 attendees!

Approximately $50,000 was raised, which was contributed to the Chinook Endowment Fund, managed by the Calgary Foundation. As at the end of 2017 the fund is at $397,369.20! THANKS!!!

A 2017 Chinook Fund grants was given to ‘Bullying Ends Here’ for their work in providing programing and presentations to schools aimed at ending bullying. A second grant went to the Calgary Sexual Health Centre to establish a support group for parents and guardians of transgender youth.

The 2017 Hero Award was given to the ‘Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch’, recognizing 42 years of great work and raising money to assist other groups in our city.

Thanks to our sponsors, TD, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, and Bee Kingdom Glass, without which this event could not occur!