2023 Grant Applications Now Closed

The opportunity to submit a 2023 Chinook Fund Grant application has passed.

Thank you to all those who submitted a grant application!

All submissions will now be evaluated and the results will be  announced at the Chinook Fund Dinner on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

Apply for a 2023 Grant now

The Chinook Fund is accepting grants applications for 2023.

Please go to the Grants tab and choose Apply for a Grant from the drop down menu.  Applications will be accepted until September 15, 2023.  Any applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

Chinook Fund Dinner 2022 a Great Success!

The 2022 Chinook Fund Dinner on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 was oversold and by all accounts everyone had a great time!  More importantly, we estimate nearly $40,000 was raised bringing us ever closer to our goal of having a $1million endowment with the Calgary Foundation.  In addition to the great conversation, food and wine, we announced our 2022 Chinook Fund Grant recipients and 2022 Chinook Fund Hero.

Chinook Fund for Gender and Sexual Diversity

We have officially changed the name of our endowment fund with the Calgary Foundation to the Chinook Fund for Gender and Sexual Diversity.  (Previously, the formal name was the Chinook Lesbian and Gay Fund.)

We believe the name more accurately represents the diversity of our members and was the top choice of our membership.

We will continue to use the abbreviated Chinook Fund as well.